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You Can Achieve a Better Life

People create healthier patterns of thinking in a safe, warm, genuine, and empathetic environments. I have unconditional positive regard for my patients within a non-judgmental and non-reactive environment. You are accepted and understood. YOU are the expert in your own therapy! I understand my role is to explore your existing stories, identify what problems have been disruptive to your well-being, and introduce alternative ways of thinking. It is important to create an alternative life framework and to challenge our experiences. What do you believe to be true, is it true?
Therapy may be individual or done in groups, as sometimes we need to look at our relationships differently, consider the source of a problem, and help heal the problem. Change occurs through the sharing of stories and living in the moment. Let us focus on your strengths that currently exist, what accomplishments you have achieved, and if irrational thoughts appear, it is important to substitute these with rational ones in the hopes of eliminating confusing emotional responses. We need to grow from new empowering experiences, and weave your story into your current life. There are many variables as to what change needs to occur; however, we will choose together e a specific strategy of treatment after pre-therapy feedback and client self-assessment. The feedback gathered will assist me in deciding where we will begin. As therapy continues, it is my expectation that we will get to know each other better and our time spent will be unique to your individuality. Each of my clients is a case study waiting for the pieces to come together through dialogue. Some clients are in need of a creative spark, and others have lost sight of whom they are and need to find themselves. Uncomfortable emotions or thoughts lessen with the facilitation of mindfulness techniques occurs, like deep breathing and meditation. It is my expectation that you will leave our time together and actively use acquired strategies for future use; this includes knowledge of community supports in place and your therapeutic goals. Over our therapy sessions, we will create a therapy program tailored to the unique individual you are.

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