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Ducks Over the Lake

                       HUMAN NATURE

Humans want to strive to be their best selves, and sometimes there are obstacles in the way that need a “walk through” for a healthier mindset. Often we struggle to stay observant of the present moment. We get lost in our negative past thoughts or worry about the future circumstance. I am here to guide a process of healing, with clients leading the way. As a counsellor, I am open to all experiences, regardless of ethnic origin. Family and a person’s culture grow with experiences, and if your values and morals are not in rhythm with your personal story, this can create psychological conflict. The nature of one’s problems stems from decoding life experiences. The counselling process will take into consideration your needs, values and belief systems, and nurture client strengths. Let us get to the base of the issue, as you are an expert of your own mind!

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